What is Medical Massage?

Medical massage therapy is designed to strategically target medical conditions that are diagnosed by a physician. During your medical massage treatment, your therapist will use different massage techniques and procedures. Medical massages usually occur in 1-hour block of time.
Consulting a doctor or chiropractor first can ensure that you’re receiving the right form of treatment. Reasons your doctor might prescribe a medical massage include:
Treatment of musculoskeletal issues;
Physical therapy to build strength and flexibility;
Treatment of sports injuries, car accident injuries, muscle pains and cramps, migraines, and edema;
As a complement to psychotherapeutic programs.
Additionally, there are many types of massage that your therapist may use, from deep tissue massage to trigger point therapy, and even stretching techniques.
Your doctor will write specific recommendations for your licensed massage therapist to follow and will monitor your treatment and recovery.

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